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INSTASPIN-BLDC: Position Control Lab 13C

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Greeting of the Day Dear,

I have my position setting follows

  //Example: STPOSPLAN_addCfgState(handle,    PosStep[MRev], PosStepFrac[MRev], StateTimer[ticks]);
  STPOSPLAN_addCfgState(stObj->posPlanHandle, 0,             0,                 200L); // StateIdx0: A
  STPOSPLAN_addCfgState(stObj->posPlanHandle, 1,             0.5,                 200L); // StateIdx1: B
  STPOSPLAN_addCfgState(stObj->posPlanHandle, -1,            0,                 200L); // StateIdx2: C

  //Example: STPOSPLAN_addCfgTran(handle,    FromState, ToState, CondOption, CondIdx1, CondiIdx2, VelLim[pups],                      AccLim[pups2], DecLim[pups2], JrkLim[pups3]);
  // NOTE: The deceleration limit must be set between the following bounds [acceleration limit, 10*acceleration limit]
  STPOSPLAN_addCfgTran(stObj->posPlanHandle, STATE_A,   STATE_B, ST_COND_NC, 0,        0,         _IQ(0.1 * ST_SPEED_PU_PER_KRPM),   _IQ(0.1),      _IQ(0.1),      _IQ20(1));    // From StateA to StateB
  STPOSPLAN_addCfgTran(stObj->posPlanHandle, STATE_B,   STATE_C, ST_COND_NC, 0,        0,         _IQ(0.001 * ST_SPEED_PU_PER_KRPM), _IQ(0.1),      _IQ(0.1),      _IQ20(1));    // From StateB to StateC
//  STPOSPLAN_addCfgTran(stObj->posPlanHandle, STATE_C,   STATE_A, ST_COND_NC, 0,        0,         _IQ(0.1 * ST_SPEED_PU_PER_KRPM),   _IQ(1),        _IQ(1),        _IQ20(1));    // From StateC to StateA
  STPOSPLAN_addCfgTran(stObj->posPlanHandle, STATE_C,   STATE_B, ST_COND_NC, 0,        0,         _IQ(0.1 * ST_SPEED_PU_PER_KRPM),   _IQ(1),        _IQ(1),        _IQ20(1));  // From StateC to StateA

As you can see in state B I mentioned fraction revolution 0.5 but the motor does not take in consideration it's rotate clock wise and anti-clockwise. I f you can suggest problem