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LVBLDCMTR: Design of nonlinear Control algorithms possible using the LVBLDCMTR Motor?

Part Number: LVBLDCMTR


we are looking for some PMSM Motors to allow students to design their own nonlinear control algorithms using a 24V power converter. Since most 24V machines are servo motors and therefore typically dont saturate i wondered if this one might. Has anyone experienced this so far or even measured flux maps for this machine?

Furthermore: Whats the diameter of the drive shaft? 8mm like the other ones?

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  • Dear Johannes,

    thank you for reaching out to us. The motor LVBLDCMTR should have a shaft diameter of 8mm. I need to check with our C2000 MCU team if there are any details on the saturation current or flux maps. I will come back to you. 

    Just curious: Are you using our our C2000 real-time MCUs for your nonlinear control?


    Martin Staebler


  • Thank you very much for the answer. Looking forward for any additional information / datasheet and hopefully flux maps etc. Slight smile
    Are the windings of the machine connected in star or delta?

    We use a system we developed ourselves.
    More information can be found in this publication:


  • Dear Johannes,

    thank you for the info. It's an interesting development system. When you plan a redesign, would you be interested using TI precision A/D converters, isolators, etc.? We'd be happy to support you here.

    Regarding the LVBLDCMTR. We don't have any more data on the motor.  

    For our testing of low-voltage 3-phase inverter EVMs, we use the below servo motor from Teknic, I've added the data we have for that motor. 

    Link to the low-voltage servo motor:

    The motor parameters are star equivalent, per phase, and estimated with C2000 InstaSPIN-FOC, the shaft diameter is 9mm.

    VENDOR/PART#           Teknic M2310PLN04K
    MOTOR_TYPE               PMSM
    NUM_POLE_PAIRS       4
    MOTOR_Rs                    0.3918252 Ohm
    MOTOR_Ls_d                 0.00023495 H
    MOTOR_Ls_q                 0.00023495 H
    MOTOR_RATED_FLUX  0.03955824

    For more information on that motor I'd like to refer you to the vendor Technic.

    Martin Staebler