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How to program TMS320F2812 / TMS320c2812/ TMS320R2812

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I'm a newbie to TI DSP,

I don't know how to program a TMS320F2812/TMS320c2812/ TMS320R2812

Does  TMS320F2812 store program code in Flash memory, and It can be program multiple times?

TMS320C2812 uses rom, is it can be program only one time ?

TMS320R2812  uses RAM, I don't know how can it store program code?, what is the difference between R2812 with F2812 and C2812.

I need to know carefully before I try to design a motor control kit,

I can buy both TMS320F2812 and TMS320R2812 chip, price for F2812 is more expensive than R2812, Is that use R2812 is more economic than F2812.

Ti XDS510 USB Plus JTAG Emulator, does it can use with F2812 and R2812, and there are any tool less expensive than XD510 to program these chips?

Please say anything if you know,

Thank all,


  • Thanh,

    TMS320F2812   - This device is a flash device. The flash memory can be programmed multiple times allowing the user the flexibility to change the code whenever required.

    TMS320C2812  - This device is a ROM device. The customer code is burned in TI production site before it is shipped to customer. So, customers don't have the option to change the code later.

    TMS320R2812  - This device doesn't have ROM (or) Flash. So, the user should use external interface (XINTF), SCI, SPI, (or) eCAN to copy the code from external memory (like EEPROM) into TMS320R2812. This is the reason why R2812 is cheaper.

    If you are looking for economical emulators, you can try low cost emulators like XDS100.

    Where to get an XDS100 / Where to buy an XDS100?


    • Ashling's Opella-XDS100v2 is now available. Check it out here and buy here
    • Blackhawk has one available (and our latest model supports both CCS v3.3 and v4., so no more deciding which model to buy)
    • Embest has one here
    • Spectrum Digital, Inc., offers an XDS100v2 USB JTAG Emulator here
    • TI Estore has a 14 pin TI or a 20 pin compact TI version available.