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[FAQ] C2000WARE: Why is my high resolution (HR) PWM signal not working correctly? (General debug tips)

Part Number: C2000WARE
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SYSCONFIG

If you are having trouble debugging an issue with your HRPWM signal, here are some tips on where to start:

    1. If you are not already doing so, be sure to have an oscilloscope (500MHz+ scope is recommended) to view your HRPWM outputs and other relevant signals.
    2. Be sure to check if there are any existing examples in C2000Ware that can help serve as a reference for your code (both HRPWM or EPWM examples).
    3. Start by stripping away your HRPWM settings and make sure your normal EPWM signal functions as expected.
      1. If your EPWM signal is not correct, then debug your base EPWM configurations first.
      2. If your EPWM signal is correct, then slowly add back in HRPWM configurations.
        1. Try to add in HRPWM configurations setting-by-setting to help discern what the issue source is
        2. Once you figure out the source of the issue, it is helpful to refer back to the TRM and register descriptions to review the functions as well as any notes that may indicate if there is an incompatibility in settings.
        3. You can also try replicating your PWM configurations in the SysConfig GUI which will display common errors/warnings of incompatible settings.
    4. There are also TRM sections that walk through how to build an HRPWM signal (start with the section Configuring the HRPWM)
    5. If you are still having trouble, refer back to the HRPWM FAQ Home Page to see if there is another FAQ that applies to your specific situation.

    Refer to the HRPWM FAQ home page for more frequency asked questions on HRPWM