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TMDSRSLVR: TMDSRSLVR kit for angular position sensing

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Part Number: TMDSRSLVR

Dear team

I’d like to use the TMDSRSLVR kit for angular position sensing. Figure 2 of the following TI document indicates that it takes the R-Sin and the R-Cos signals as inputs, and the R-Excitation (R-Ex) as an output.

But my system’s angular resolver already generates the excitation signal by itself, so I don’t need the kit to output R-Ex. I wonder if the kit can measure my resolver’s R-Ex signal along with its R-Sin and R-Cos signals to measure the angular position and angular velocity.

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  • Hi,

    Not a problem if you have another source for generating the excitation signal. Just use the Sine/Cos feedback signals. The challenge is to sync the ADC read of sine and cosine signals to the external carrier. The existing code does not support that right now, so you may have to come up with strategies for that.

  • Thank you for your reply. It’s great that the TMDSRSLVR can work based on Sin and Cos signals only. I am interested in implementing this. But syncing them with my external carrier could be a challenge. I’d like to study how TMDSRSLVR calculates the angular position and velocity in order to add my algorithm. I wonder if TI already published a user guide, application report, and or example code about this.
  • If you had already installed controlsuite from TI, then you can see the example project supporting resolver using the resolver kit TMDSRSLVR at the following location


    The core resolver algorithm is available as a library, where the library code takes care of generating exc signal as well as reading back the fbks and is internally synchronized. Source code is provided based on contacting us through the local TI sales.