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TMS320F28334: TMS320F28334

Part Number: TMS320F28334

Imagine  i configured the ePWM1A and configured ePWM1B be complimentary of ePWM1A.

Question 1

if i set the bits such that during Trip Signal event  ePWM1A pin to be low. what would be state of ePWM1B pin during trip signal event.  

Will it be low or high or it will continue the state it was before?

 Question 2

Any restriction to minimum duty cycle.

If set the duty cycle of PWM to be zero on the epWM1A can i expect epWM1B to be high always ?

  • Sooraj,


    The PWM submodules take effect sequentially from left to right, the trip-zone(TZ) submodule is the last to take effect.

    Assuming you used the Dead-band(DB) to generate ePWM1B as a complementary signal of ePWM1A and then later used the TZ to force ePWM1A low, then ePWM1B would be unaffected because the TZ is applied after the DB had generated the ePWM1B signal.

    Now if you use something like the action qualifer(AQ) software force to drive ePWM1A low, then since the AQ takes effect before the DB ePWM1B would be affected. It would be forced high because the DB will always make it the ePWM1B channel complementary to ePWM1A.

    Question 2:

    I do not know of any such restriction.