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TMS320F28388D: IDDK R2.2.1 fsi ping error

Part Number: TMS320F28388D

More of a comment here than question. This is related to the suggestions found on a question asked by Arjan Oskam; "FSI example fsi_ex16_daisy_handshake fails when using FSI_DATA_WIDTH_2_LANE." I have been going through the TIDM-02006 example code. I am testing the FSI functionality with the F2838x fsi_ex1_loopback_cpucontrol C2000Ware- project. The FSI adapter board and code worked fine for the F28004x LaunchPad slave at FSI 50MHz one lane (I used the corresponding F28004 C200Ware project). I had a problem with the master TMS320f28388D control card in combination with the IDDK R2.2.1 at FSI 50MHZ one lane. With PRESCALER_VAL set to FSI_PRESCALE_50MHZ the RX ping would timeout. I tested the control card on the docking station under these conditions and it worked fine at 50MHz one lane. But on the IDDK the RX ping would timeout. First was a dumb issue of removing the J13 jumper on the IDDK which I believe was grounding the TX clock. With the J13 jumper removed on the IDDK I was only able to successfully ping at a PRESCALER_VAL of FSI_PRESCALE_10MHZ. But then as suggested by Kevin Allen18 in Arjan's post I removed the GPIO resistors off the FSI header. I was then able to successfully run the loopback project at 50MHZ with the IDDK.

  • Hi Scott,

    Thank you for your comments, I'm sure someone else on this forum will find the info useful.

    I'm happy to hear my suggestion helped you with your issue. I'm going to take a note to add similar information to our documentation, likely in the FSI Adapter Board User's Guide.