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TMS320C2801: TMS320F241

Part Number: TMS320C2801


I have questions related to TMS320F241 DSP processors regarding programming and environment for debugging and programming these processors via JTAG.

1) Which JTAG programmer is explicitly recommended by the manufacturer Texas Instruments for TMS320F241PGA processors.

2) Which version of CCS supports programming of TMS 320F24x processors while maintaining compatibility with the JTAG programmer from the first question?

3) Assuming that downward compatibility is maintained in particular pinout enclosures for TMS320F241PGA:
 Is there a replacement for the new TMS320F28 processor that is downward compatible with the TMS320F241 old series ?

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  • Slawomir,

                    At the outset, I would like to apologize for the delay in responding to you.  

    You may be aware TI declared "End of Life (EOL)" status for the F241 processors a few years ago. The entire tool chain for this processor is now obsolete. This product is not manufactured anymore and TI offered a Lifetime-buy (LTB) when the device was obsoleted. 

    Debug: F241 is only supported in CCSv3.3 and earlier. Note that CCSv3.3 is obsolete as well. The debug probe to be used is either XDS510PP+ or XDS510USB. Both were manufactured by Spectrum Digital, which shut down operations a few months ago. 

    Programming: SDFlash utility would work, but this tool was developed by Spectrum Digital. DOS based command line utilities were available, but not anymore. Again, both methods need debug probes mentioned above, which may or may not be available. 

    To summarize, there is neither debug nor programming support for this device anymore. 

    Is there a replacement for the new TMS320F28 processor that is downward compatible with the TMS320F241 old series ?

    No, the CPU is different in F241 and the 28x devices. However, there are some peripherals like SPI, SCI and Watchdog that are largely compatible between the two families. There are no pin-compatible (with F241 devices) in the 28x family either. The nearest functionally equivalent 28x device for the F241 would be TMS320F28035.