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TMS320F28335: TMS320F28335

Part Number: TMS320F28335

I am using TMS320F28335 on my design and trying to load the bootloader to SST flash SST25VF020 on board through SPI interface, I connected MOSI, SCLK, CS, GND from Aardvark SPI adapter to board, power on the board with 3.3V, load the bin file copied from known good device, however I can only read target from the GUI tool but failed other programming operations like erase, program, could you pls advise what I missed here?

Is there something I need to isolate SST from DSP?


  • I regret I don’t understand exactly what your problem is. Are you trying to program SST25VF020 from the DSP? Or are you trying to bootload code from SST25VF020  into the DSP? Exactly what is the role of Aardvark SPI adapter? Please include a block diagram that shows how these 3 devices are connected. Also include a flowchart that depicts the sequence of operation.

  • Sorry for the confusion, here I draw a block diagram to show the setup, as to MISO, we will connect it if we need to run verify operation.

    Our current sequence is to power on the board, program TMS320 first through C2000 gang-programmer, then disconnect C2000 gang-programmer, connect SPI adapter as block diagram, program SST flash with Aardvark SPI host adapter, all the ground is connected.

    Programming TMS320 looks successful, but it is failed to access SST flash via Aardvark flash center tool, I cannot erase the device as well.

    I have tried both bin and hex format but both didn't work. Your prompt advise is highly appreciated.


  • If you program the DSP flash via gang programmer, what is the role of the SST flash chip? Please clearly explain what is not working on the DSP side. I regret I cannot help you with issues pertaining to SST flash or the Aardvark SPI adapter. You need to contact those manufacturers for support.