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When I Import MSP-EXP432P401R_Software_Examples' sources toCSSv6.1 , it can't be build successfully.


I downloaded the example sources from   www.ti.com.cn/.../msp-exp432p401r     (MSP-EXP432P401R Software Examples (ZIP 51232 KB) ).

And I installed the CCSv6.1.

I imported the CCS project to the CCSv6.1. I chose the BlinkLED_MSP432P401R from the Sortware_Examples.

When finishing import , the CCSv6.1 said :

See details below.
Warning: Resource 'driverlib' already exists! Ignoring...
Warning: Resource 'main.c' already exists! Ignoring...

And, when I just want to build the project without any modify, the Console said:

#10010 errors encountered during linking; "BlinkLED_MSP432P401R.out" not built BlinkLED_MSP432P401R C/C++ Problem

#10056 symbol "interruptVectors" redefined: first defined in "./msp432_startup_ccs.obj"; redefined in "./CCS/msp432_startup_ccs.obj" BlinkLED_MSP432P401R C/C++ Problem

Compilation was failed...

What should I do to repair this?

  • Hello,

    The project build fails because you have interruptVectors defined in multiple places, once in the project root directory and another time in a CCS folder. Strangely enough these are copies of the same object file (msp432_startup_ccs.obj) and one of them should not be included in the project. What else is in the CCS folder? I wouldn't think that it should have appeared when the project was imported, right click on this folder and select Exclude from Build then try to clean and build the project.