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Why name change from Stellaris to Tiva?

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   I see on the TI home page that the Stellaris M4F line has been renamed to Tiva. Why the change of name? They're now called the "4C" series - I assume they still have the floating point M4F core, correct?

BTW, I think I should get an award for being the first forum person to notice the name change :)

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  • As the 3rd or 4th promised release date of "production qualified" LM4F (to replace LX4F) has now more than 10 days passed - might it be that name-change will obscure? 

    Have an especially nice vendor T-shirt as "award" - while country of origin bit blurred - "NRND" (& contact local Sales) leaps from red label...

    AWN - we need your patented UK understatement to crack wise...

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    In reply to cb1_mobile:

    Now I'm starting to understand you! LOL!


  • In reply to Greenja:

    Now I'm starting to understand

    Regular listening/reading tends to yield that effect...

    If we can't laugh about this ongoing misfortune...   One notes that Tiva - thus far - has escaped both missed ship dates & NRND "promotion."

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    So "Stellarisware" also becomes "Tivaware" - although still works, but doesn't!

    I guess someone at TI must be percieving a seriously bad reputation for the "Stellaris" name, and is desparate to disconnect from that legacy?

    The harder TI try to disconnect from the "Stellaris" history, the less reasons remain for anyone to see "Tiva" as an upgade or migration path for "Stellaris".


  • In reply to Andy Neil:

    So, having only just reorganised the Forums to have a "Stellaris LM4F" section (which took a few goes to get working), their now going to have to go through the whole palaver again to change it to Tivo!

    And they'll also have to change the upper "Stellaris® ARM® Microcontrollers" section name to something generic so that it can contain both "Tivo" and "Stellaris"...


  • In reply to Andy Neil:

    Andy Neil
    change it to Tivo (sic)

    Ha! It's not even a memorable name - too easily confused with other product name already established among the "little grey cells"...


  • In reply to Andy Neil:


    i really admire your very fast response on this! :)

    anyway, just my two cents. I talked about this with the marketing team, there will be an official statement (press release or something like that) probably at the beginning of next week. So just wait and see. Unfortunately I can't tell you more than this (and also don't ask me more than this - i am just a normal engineer :) ).


    Leo Hendrawan

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    been away for some days and returned today, visited the TI website and: What the hell is going on there! Took me quite some time to figure out that Stellaris M4F is now Tiva! All 'old' Stellaris parts were gone (although none of them wnet into full production) and all new Tiva devices. I hope there will be a comparison chart in the NEAR future showing the relationsship Tiva product numer >-> Stellaris M4F designation.

    Just checked the 'Launchpad' and figured out that the Tiva™ TM4C123GH6PM Microcontroller is identical to LM4F230H5QR. Well, not bad since you now get hardware PWM on the Launchpad, but: I'm quite happy I only spend $4.99 for my 'old LM4F120.. based' Launchpads (believe me, I have some of them).

    EDIT: By the way: Looks like the whole infrastructure is not  'up-to-day' at the moment (i.e. CCS needs to be updatetd too to reflect the 'naming change'). And: still no silicon in sight!


  • In reply to Leo Hendrawan:

    Leo Hendrawan
    I talked about this with the marketing team

    Leo - many here (to include this reporter) think you are great.  That said...

    Hope that your talk did not too intrude into normal - Junior High "work-day" - of hallowed, "marketing team..."

    Smoke/Mirrors sometimes requires deeper thought - and some soundness of execution. 

    Total avoidance of latest, "Missed LX4F Deadline" - and replacement w/this "marketing disconnect" (to be kind) suggests perhaps that, "we inmates might do as well at running/managing famed silicon asylum..."

    Cascade of further torment now awaits all loyal (and hugely discouraged) Stellaris Fans:

    IDEs must now struggle to adjust - incorporating changed part prefix as beginning. 

    Distributors - most displeased by earlier "NRND dictate" - now have to relist/alter their presentations. 

    And - such drastic a change costs serious time/money/effort - does this not divert resources from the long promised "taming/completion of M4" - so that they may - at last - gain full, "Ready for Prime Time" Status?  (i.e. escape ongoing LX4 horror...)

    Name change is easy - value proposition/correction....not so much...  (do excuse my cough - smoke induced "unanticipated consequence...")

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    There is an announcement coming Monday that should answer all your questions.

    The website is undergoing updates and as such is having some issues, we apologize for the inconvenience during this period, we are fixing it as fast as possible.

    Come Monday we'll be able to answer all your questions in depth.


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