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Part Number: BOOSTXL-DRV8301
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I am using a BOOSTXL-DRV8301 and I have a question regarding current measurement.

The characteristics of this board I use are as follows.
: support 6 - 24V and up to 100A RMS(14-A Peak)

However, if you look at the circuit diagram and description of this ( page. 7), the current measurement is scaled to +/- 16.5A.

Then, the current of +/- 16.5A can be input as a voltage of 0~1.65 ~3.3V through the current sense configuration, but can this board actually receive only +/-10A of current?

Can't I receive more than 10A current? up to 15A

  • Hi Dong-Young, 

    Thanks for posting your question to e2e - will look into this further and try to get you a response within a few days or before end of week 

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  • Hi Dong-Young, 

    Thanks for your patience - please see the response below 

    I think the description from the BOOSTXL hardware user guide is that 10A continuous current (or 14A peak current) is the maximum load that the components on the board are designed operate with, and that the limitation might be either the MOSFET current rating or the general PCB design of the system. Any motor phase current higher than that might damage the system or trigger some protection features like overcurrent and trigger a fault response. 

    For the second statement describing +/-16.5A as the current measurement capability, that's the maximum range of current that the current shunt amplifiers are capable of measuring properly on the board.

    • in short summary, we might not operate the BOOSTXL DRV8301 PCB in a way that would reach the full +/-16.5A, but it's important that our CSA measurement capability is sufficiently high to give coverage for our entire operating range ( +/- 14A), which is true in this case. 

    See below screenshot from the official DRV8301 device datasheet, in which the VO (CSA output voltage) equation is a function of the gain setting, voltage difference between CSA inputs (determined by V=IR of Rsense and phase current), and the VREF voltage. 

    • The Rsense value is already determined to be 0.01 Ohms on the BOOSTXL board
    • there are a few limited options for GAIN setting in this device: 10, 20, 40, 80 V/V 
    • Vref and VO have a limited operating voltage window as well 
    • Then there is also a limit to measurable SPx, SNx differential voltage that would increase/decrease VO proportionally
      • and under the lowest gain setting of 10V/V, that would correspond to a motor current of +/- 16.5A, I think. 
      • any motor current higher than that would not increase VO voltage above its maximum spec in the datasheet 

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