DRV8305: Production of DRV8305N - Status ACTIVE but Massive Delay - Problems?

Part Number: DRV8305

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

As we wanted to start mass production in the first quarter of 2022, we have ordered all components after finishing the design and releasing it in December 2021. The design includes the DRV8305N gate driver. We were told by Mouser, that the components will be delayed to September 2022, as many other IC manufacturers as well. Meanwhile, we have got all other IC either in time, or - most of them - earlier than expected. E.g. Microchip AVR, Bridgetek FT811Q graphic controllers, Infineon MOSFETs, etc. But the TI DRV8305N were delayed once more to April 2023. Mouser told us, that there were _production problems reported_ with this IC ??? Yesterday, we have got the info from Mouser, that the delivery time is again extended to 1st of August 2023. Not to mention, that our customer will not except this overall delay and forces us to do a re-design using other components.

People from TI, please tell us, what you suggest us customers to do - what is the best strategy to make us developers and product manufacturers continue our work?

Btw, we have asked Mouser, Digikey, ... They say: Ask TI.

Best regards

Alois Huber

  • Hi Alois, 

    Understood on your concerns, and I will ask some team members internally to see if we can provide more information on this. 

    In the meantime, do you have a TI field representative that your company is working with?

    • The E2E forum may not be the right place for resolving issues pertaining to supply and sales

    I'll follow up shortly

    Thanks and Best Regards, 

  • Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for your reply. No, we don't have a field representative.

    Best regards, Alois

  • Hi Alois, 

    We have followed up internally for a response to your question - 

    they will most likely respond via email 

    Best Regards, 

  • Hello, sorry for asking again. There was no response from someone at TI up to now. Is there a possibility to alternatively contact a field representative from my side?


  • Hi Alois, 

    I will follow up with the team again on this now 

    I was not able to locate a TI field representative assigned to your account, but will follow up here once I get confirmation once someone has reached out 

    Best Regards, 

  • Hi Mr. Huber,

    We apologize that you are experiencing delays.  I have reached out to you separately to discuss a path forward. I would also like to take this opportunity to point out  that there is no manufacturing issue with DRV8305 product, as it is listed as ACTIVE on our product folder. The date you see is the reflection of Mouser's communicated leadtime for your order.