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I need to buy a motor for my new DRV8301-69M-kit that I just received.  Can you please give me suggestions.  Also, the web says that the controler is a 60 V, 60 A unit.  Is this the output of the controller to the motor?  I already bought the following motors for my other controller:  HVACIMTR, HVBLDCMTR, and HVPMSMMTR motors for the TMDSHVMTRINSPIN controller.  Will these motors work with the DRV8301-69M-kit?  If not, please suggest other motors.


Thank you

  • Mina,

    60V is referred to DC side maximum voltage and 60Amp is peak output current to motor per phase. This means that controller can support all motors within this rating.

    All the motor you mentioned are High voltage motor, rated operating voltage is higher than 60V so they are not fully compatible with DRV8301 kit. You may be able to use them at lower speeds but will not be able to achieve rated speed.

    Please look into 2-Motor dyno kit at These motors are compatible to run with DRV8301 kit. You may consider buying this kit as is because it comes with two motors and gives to flexibility of dynamometer wherein one motor used as generator and acts as shaft load to other motor.

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  • With the 69M (and all MotorWare projects) we actually limit and scale currents at just over 40A for DRV8301 evm. 

    Both the BLDC and PMSM motors will run, just not to their full speed.

    The package Milan linked is one of my favorites and uses two of the LVSERVOMTR with coupling and frame. All the sensored InstaSPIN-MOTION projects use this motor. We will soon offer a LVACIMTR That also connects to this DYNO setup. The workshops will also use these LV motors. 

  • Hello Milan,  for the 60V,60A motor, you said 60 V on the DC side, what is the actual voltage output to the 3 phase  motor, you said that 60 A is also the actual current output.  I'm doing research on various types of motors, I've already bought TI Motors, I need to see what other kinds of industrial moptors will work with the kits I bought.  Please help, so I need the actual Volts output with currents outputs from the controllers to the motor, here's what I bought from TI:

    DRV8301-69M-kit   ==> 60V, 60A

    DRV8312-69M-kit   ==> 52V, 35A

    TMDSHVMTRINSPIN  ==> 350V, 10A

    I need to know the actual Volts and current outputs to the motors, so I buy other motors for testing.

    Per \recommendation from TI, I will also buy the 2mtr-dyno kit for the research I'm doing.

    Thank you for your help.

  • "what is the actual voltage output to the 3 phase  motor"

    That of course depends on the modulation and control schemes being used. 60V is the maximum bus voltage that should be used, and the DRV8301 EVM works down to about 6V minimum.  If you have a 24V motor and want to run at full speed you will apply modulation techniques to the motor to transfer peak voltages near 24V to the windings.

    "I need to see what other kinds of industrial moptors will work with the kits I bought. "

    Well, with the two kits you bought you are covering a range from 6-350Vbus and up to 40-60A.  That captures nearly all motors except for the high voltage 10A+ for 3 KW and above.  I will note that on the low end of this spectrum like a 10V hobby motor that pulls 0.2A unloaded the DRV8301 EVM isn't going to do a good job of maximizing the resolution of signals you will want to control it most efficiently.

    Hardware EVMS can never be "one size fits all" and if you are really testing the performance of a motor and control solution you should always try to update the HW design to get the best data in so you get the best control out.