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DRV8880: Noise hearing on run and holding condition at DRV8880

Part Number: DRV8880
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DRV8886AT, DRV8886ATEVM

I've heard a noisy sound with my motor which driven by DRV8880

it's a high frequency noise from the motor, no matter running or holding mode.

the DRV8880 setting parameters as below, please kindly help to provide some suggestions, thanks. 


Current setting = 2A

TRQ = 50%

toff = 10us

decay mode = autotune

pulse frequency  = 20kHz

  • Hi David,

    Is the motor isolated from any metal that can amplify the noise?
    Can you provide motor specifications (R/L/I/V)?
    Can you provide current waveforms when the noise is heard?

    Have you tried other toff times, like toff=20us or 30us?
    Have you tried other decay settings? There have been reports of some motors that have lower noise using one of the mixed / mixed settings (Decay1/Decay0 = 11, Z0, or Z1 ).

    When holding, have you considered reducing the torque to 25% to reduce the noise and power?
  • Hi Rick,

    The motor is oriental PKP244D23A2, the noise of frequency is random when on holding condition.

    trying to adjust the Toff and decay mode, the noise will be changed but still exist...

    If I reduce the torque setting (75% to 25%), the noise did lower. Is that the only solution to reduce this noise issue?

    If the regulation frequency is under hearing frequency, we'll hear that noise.



  • Hi David,

    There are few more possible fixes if your system allows.

    1) Try stopping the motor when the indexer is at 100% in one winding and 0% in the other. This would be when the Table 3 Indexer setting is at Electrical Angle 0, 90, 180, or 270. If the noise disappears and you can stop the DRV8880 at this point, the holding noise should then be eliminated.

    2) Once the motor is spinning, you can try switching toff. This assumes the noise is different at hold versus spinning.

    3) Another possibility is the DRV8886AT if the voltage and current range is acceptable. The DRV8886AT has a second automatic current control method (ripple control), which minimizes the current ripple at each step. The DRV8886AT also has integrated current sensing to eliminate the need for external current sense resistors. There is a DRV8886ATEVM that can be used to evaluate the performance.
  • Hi David,

    I have not heard from you in some time. I hope your issue has been resolved, and am closing this post for now.

    If you have further questions, please reply to the post. If the post is locked, please select "Ask a related question".
  • Hi Rick,

    Since DRV8880 did not resolve the noise problem, we are working on DRV8886AT layout process.

    Try to select autotune ripple control mode and check if the noisy sound could be disappeared.


  • Hi David,

    May I suggest you evaluate the performance with our DRV8886ATEVM in parallel. There is a header on the EVM that allows you to disconnect the mcu and control the device with your system.