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[FAQ] Useful Contents for Tuning DRV10x devices

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DRV10983, DRV10983-Q1, DRV10987

Below are the available contents for tuning DRV10x devices. 

  • Below are links for the DRV10983, DRV10987 and DRV10983-Q1 Datasheet

 [Datasheet] DRV10983DRV10987DRV10983-Q1

  • The purpose of this document is to help users to decide whether the motor under test can be used with Initial Position Detection (IPD) algorithm.

 [App Note] DRV10983x, DRV10975x, and DRV10987 IPD Tuning Guide

  • The purpose of Tuning guide is to help customers tune their motors according to the best practices recommended by TI.

 [App Note] DRV10987 Tuning Guide

 [App Note] DRV10983-Q1 Tuning Guide

 [App Note] DRV10983 and DRV10975 Tuning Guide

  • Quick start guide helps customers to quickly setup the DRV109xxEVM and GUI and get the motor to spin.

 [App Note] DRV109xxEVM Quick Start Guide

  • Below articles discuss about motor startup techniques for driving BLDC motors in sensorless mode.

 [Article] Integrated intelligence part 2: motor startup open loop acceleration

 [Article] Integrated intelligence part 3: motor startup from standstill position

  • Below article talks about choosing parameters to optimize startup performance and IPD.

 [Article] Start your BLDC journey with motor startup (Part II): Choosing your parameters

 [Article] Start your BLDC journey with motor startup (Part III): Initial position detection (IPD)

  • This video discusses on how to measure and determine the essential motor parameters to get a 3 phase BLDC motor spinning.

 [Video] How to spin the DRV10x family of devices: Part 1

  • This video discusses on how to get the motor spinning using the EVM software.

 [Video] How to Spin the DRV10x Family of Devices: Part 2

  • This video discusses about two primary techniques of detecting the initial rotor position for a brushless DC motor (Align & Go and IPD)

 [Video] Initial position detection for sensorless three phase brushless DC motors