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DRV10983EVM: Can not enter fractional number

Part Number: DRV10983EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DRV10983-Q1, DRV10983


I am using DRV10983EVM board with the DRV10983Q1 device. With the GUI SW i am trying to spin a motor, but have the problems at the beggining of the test, I can NOT entre fractional number into the motors parameter section. 

If i try 3,7 for the BEMF it jumps to 4 and it when i try to enter it wiht a DOT ( 3.7  ) it does NOT take  a DOT at all. 

Any ideas what i am not doing correctly ? 

br joze

  • Hello br joze,

    We've seen this before with the GUI. Its a product of the GUI being developed in a labview based environment almost a decade ago.

    1. Change keyboard language to English: United States
    2. Changing regional formats of the decimal symbol into a “.” Instead of a “,”
    3.  Add useLocaleDecimalPt=False to the <DRV109xx EVM.ini> file

    Otherwise, we'll have to use the scripting tool in the GUI and type in the values in Hex. To do this, make a go to the Script menu at the top of the GUI, launch window, and in the Run menu of the scripting window, run module (.py file). To record and write a script, go to Apendix A.3.2.2 in the DRV10987 EVM User's Guide. You'll have to manually configure the registers like shown below:

    This is a script that changes tcontrol to 120µs and reads back the value in GUI. It seems you already know how to shift the values so the same would apply to this register.




  • Hi Cole 

    With the useLocaleDecimalPt=False  entry the problem is solved, thank you fort his.

    Nnow i can entry the fraction numbers and by reading the registrer i can nofirm that the values in the refistered 0x91 an d0x90 are correct.

    but after this I come to a next obstacle. I can NOT spin the motor. I have checked the quick start manual, checked the tunning manula, check the forums but unable to find the solution. 

    I am using DT4260-24-055 that i received with with the DRV8312EVM ( on this eval board I am able to spin the mottor withouth ANY pronblem ). 

    The motor parameters are 

    Phase resistance = 388mOhms

    BEFM = 2,76

    I have tried numerus changes on "Before Startup" configuration, different changes on "startup Settings" but nothig works.

    Can you provide me with "should work" configuration file for this motor ? Or please advice what is the mistake i am doing.

    BTW: my Script -> Launch window is not working in the GUI

    br joze

  • Hello br joze,

    Can you do us a huge favor and click the ask related question button up at the top of this forum and copy and paste the follow up question?

    We're trying to keep this compact for searchability, this post is definitely an FAQ so I'd like to pin it and put it in the right place where no other info can confuse other readers. 

    To get you started, getting the motor to run with DRV10x is a very common question. It mostly comes down to good K_e and R_PH_PH measurement, not using the equations in the tuning guide, but measurement. And if you used the motor datasheet, and it failed, then they need to be measured. Here's the FAQ for DRV10x resources where we have videos on the topic: 




  • Hello Cole 

    I am aware that this is basic problem and  FAQ usually resolve everything. 

    BUT the problem is that i read/measured and tested all option that i can find from quick startup to youtube clips that you ( TI  ) posted, but still unable to spin it 

    The last thing that i did is i copied the settings from your "How to spin the DRV10x Part 2", measured and entered the Phase to center tap Resistance  and BEMF and still nothing. All i got is a OVERCURRENT status in the device status GUI. 

    Is it possible that the  driver on the evaluation board is "broken" -  DRV10983SQ1.

    The BLDC motor that i am using is 100% ok,

    Br Joze

  • Hello Br Joze,

    Sorry for the confusion, the GUI fraction input question is a FAQ that I wanted to create from this post. Keeping the replies to a minimum increases visibility to this post.

    Please ask a related question and copy and paste your query in separate thread using the ask related question button so we can keep this post relatively short and assign the correct person to answer your questions about motor tuning.

    To not leave you completely hanging, check the motor datasheet against the recommended application table in the DRV10983 (or DRV10983-Q1 its hard to tell from the post) datasheet and see if its outside the specific range. Lock:0 overrcurrent means the hw lock current limit threshold needs to be increased or disabled, and assuming you read the tuning guide and already did that, the resistance might be too low for the DRV10983.



    Edit: If its not clear, I need to Lock this thread in order to make it an FAQ, which means no one can post on it afterwards. This is why I encourage you ask another question before it is locked