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TPS54232: Please review the SCH

Part Number: TPS54232

Hi Team,

There is a good new that we DIN TPS54232DR

And need your support to make sure DWIN. THX

1.Please help check this SCH, THX

2.Client feedback that L have noise! May I know what could be the reason if there is noise from the L ,THX

  • Hi Kygo

    Glad to hear that. The schematic looks good, just a few tiny things:

    1. For the input cap, I would recommend to add another 10uF/22uF cap here.

    2. For the boot cap, The converter works under large duty and input voltage is low, I would recommend to use a 470nF or 220nF boot cap here to avoid BOOT UVLO.

    Regarding the inductor noise, there may be low frequency ramp in the inductor. It may be caused by pulse skipping in light load or the unstable performance. So I want to confirm that under what condition, customer hear the noise? Did it happen under light load and what was the load current.



  • Hi Ruby

    Thank you for your support!

    1.Yes, it happen the noise when the output in no load

    2.And the spec of inductor that customer use as below, Does it meet our spec? THX

  • Hi Kygo!

    Ruby is in  holiday. And will reply you tomorrow.



  • Hi Kygo

    I think the inductor is ok here. The audio noise is because that under no load condition, the converter works in pulse skipping mode and the switching frequency will be under 20kHz which can be captured by human's ear. There are lots of ways to remove the audible noise such as using device with FCCM or OOA feature which will trade off the efficiency, enlarging the inductor or output cap, adding extra load for the application, etc.

    But I am wondering if the real application would work under no load condition? If not, no need to care about this.