BQ2980EVM-883: Leakage current discrepancy bq298000 vs bq298010

Part Number: BQ2980EVM-883


After applying ground to CTR on the BQ2980EVM-883, I was able to successfully validate the leakage current

NORMAL mode: 4uA

SHUTDOWN mode: 0.1-uA

After that, I removed the bq298000 IC and replaced it with the bq298010 and I get a "NORMAL mode" leakage current in the 100's of micro amps.

Q1: What do I need to do to the circuit to achieve NORMAL mode: ~4uA with the bq298010 variant?

Looking at the device comparison table, it looks like the culprit might be related to OT(C) being disabled in the -010 --> Internal pull up disabled..

Q2: How do I know what the internal pull value on CTR is set to for each variant?

I hope someone can shed some light on this...