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TPS62130A: minimum value of VH for EN pin

Part Number: TPS62130A
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Dear all,

Regarding TPS62130A, please tell me the minimum value of VH for EN pin.

In section 7.5 of the TPS62130A data sheet (REVISED NOVEMBER 2021), the minimum value of the EN pin is min 0.9V.
However, this is incorrect and I think the min value should be less than the typ value of 0.65V.

I checked with TPS62130EVM. TPS62130 is enabled when EN pin is 0.66V, and output voltage is output. So typ value 0.65V is reasonable.
(Attached is the waveform observed in EVM. CH3: Output Voltage (3.3V), CH4: EN Terminal Voltage (0.66V))

Please tell me the correct EN pin VH minimum value.

Best regards,

  • Hello,

    The 0.9V should be listed as the MAX for V_H threshold. 

    Likewise, 0.3V should be the MIN for V_L threshold. In between 0.65 and 0.45V is the interval for hysteresis.



  • Hello.

    Thank you for an answer. I have additional questions.

    As for "In between 0.65 and 0.45V is the interval for hysteresis.",

    Section 1.2 of Application Report SLVA470A(June 2017) says "A voltage between 0.9 V and 0.3 V results in an undefined state of the logic input EN."

    Is the EN pin of TPS 62130 A a Schmitt trigger input circuit?
    (Does the EN pin have a hysteresis function?)

    Best regards,
    Yasuhiro Takemoto

  • Hi Yasuhiro,

    Yes, you could think of the input as being a Schmitt trigger/ comparator with hysteresis. It is also similar to how many digital signals will have a low, high, and undefined interval.