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I2C Read and Write from and to BQ27501

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In our HW we are using BQ27501 Battery Mgmt IC. The control interface is I2C.

Now, my question I wanted to know actual I2C Communication between the Processor and BQ27501.

For example I wish to read the current temperatur of the battery from the TEMP register.

My understanding is it's a two byte value. The first one we receive on I2C bus is LSB and the second byte we read is High Byte.

Now, to read the following command sequence I need to follow the I2C, (d) incremental read sequence that is provided in page-31 of the data sheet.

And in that transaction the CMD[7:0] shall be 0x06, after that if I read continuously I will get the first byte that is low byte and the second one will be High Byte. Is mu understanding correct?

My next question is how do I read or write Control() commands?

So for reading the CMD[7:0] shall be 16-bit value 0x0000?

And sub sequently I have two write another two bytes corresponding to subcommand?

is this the below sequence for writing Control command?

[16-Bit Command = 0x0000] - [16-Bit Subcommand] - [Subcommand Data Width]

Please clarify. I don't have HW right now to check it.

Thank You & Regards,