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LM5113-Q1: Does it have the "LO/HO turnon/turnoff propagation delay" dependence on the "Vdd voltate"?

Part Number: LM5113-Q1
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Hi, I'm Takamoto Furuichi, DENSO Corp.

I have the question about the LM5113's spec.

We have confirmed that the following turnon delays tend to depend on Vdd:

Vdd 4.6V / turnon delay 35.79ns

Vdd 5V / turnon delay 33.45ns

Vdd 5.4V / turnon delay 30.84ns

Question : Does it have the "LO/HO turnon/turnoff propagation delay" dependence on the "Vdd voltate"?

If you have any data, we want you to show them.


  • Hi Takamoto,

    Our team was at an offsite meeting all day. An expert will get back to you by the end of the day tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.


  • Hello Furuichi-san,

    I checked the internal databases and, unfortunately, I don't see any characterization data on this device over VDD. 

    However, drivers usually vary in propagation delay based on the VDD voltage. Here is a capture from a different half-bridge driver:

    The trend is usually the same, and follows your data. In this case, the lower VDD voltage results in a longer propagation delay. 

    So yes, it should vary over VDD, but I don't have any data I can share. 


    Alex M.

  • Hi Rubas,

    Thank you for your reply. I understand your situation.

    If you have any data, please tell me the detail.



  • Hi Alex.

    Thank you for your reply. I will disscuss internaly.



  • Hi, Alex.

    I want to ask additional questions.

    1. What part number is this data?

    2. The same is true for the LMG1025.

    Any comments on LMG 1025?



  • Hello Takamoto-san,

    1. What part number is this data?

    This was from the UCC27201A-Q1 datasheet. I should add, that this trend is not absolute, there are parts that increase in propagation delay at higher VDD like UCC27624.

    In this case, the part's propagation delay is optimized around 12V VDD, which is the most common use-case.

    So there is usually a relationship between VDD voltage and propagation delay, but the exact relationship depends on how the part was designed.

    2. The same is true for the LMG1025.

    Do you mean LMG1205 or LMG1025-Q1? I also checked LMG1205 because it is very similar to LM5113, but it also does not have this VDD/propagation delay characterized. For LMG1025-Q1, we actually have some data for propagation delay over VDD. However, it is internal data that I can't post publicly on E2E. 


    Alex M.