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UCC27524A-Q1: the spec of current at fsw 100kHz

Part Number: UCC27524A-Q1

Dear Specialists,

My customer wants to know the spec of ISNK/SRC (Sink/source peak current) at 100kHz.

The datasheet only describes at 1kHz, but not 100kHz

Could you please advise?

At this moment, a customer is testing with UCC27524A-Q1, the device broke occasionaly.

condition is listed below

Fsw=100KHz, VDD=12V, Gate Resistance 4.7ohm, Qg(max)=270nC, Ciss(max)=21900pF

Customer is considering It seems to be caused overcurrent. 

I appreciate your great help.

Best regards,


  • Shinichi,

    I regret hearing that your customer is observing failures of the UCC27524A-Q1 driver. The conditions you provided are within the device's capability. Checking with datasheet equations (2) and (4), the power dissipation calculation yields ~0.32W. Factoring in the external 4.7ohm gate drive resistance, the power dissipated by the IC is even lower (Eq 6). These operation levels are safe for the device.

    An overcurrent event would most likely occur if the OUTA or OUTB is shorted to supply or GND, perhaps due to a MOSFET failure. Do the MOSFETs fail on the customer's application?

    It would be good to have some more information about the circuit to help debug this issue. How is the UCC27524A-Q1 being used? Are both outputs being used? Independently or in parallel? Which package of the device is used?

    Lastly, waveforms of the input/output signals would also be useful for diagnosing this behavior.


  • Dear Daniel

    Thank you for your reply.

    I'll send your advise to him.

    Also I try to get the schematic and waveform, and feedback to you.

    I appreciate your great help and cooperation.

    Best regards,