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REF3012: by pass capacitor

Part Number: REF3012
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: INA333

I will use REF3012 to provide a constant voltage (500mV) input to INA333 (VIN-). The data sheet for REF30xx ( showed that, in Figure 29, a 0.47uF by-pass capacitor is connected to the Pin VIN. In the layout guideline section, it recommend to "Connect low-ESR, 0.1-μF ceramic bypass capacitors at VIN of the REF30xx". In Figure 30, both the IN and OUT pins have by-pass capacitors connected, but the capacitor values are not shown. Figure 30 also shows a 47 μF by-pass capacitor connected to the IN- of16-Bit ΔΣ ADC, whereas in the paragraph above Figure 29, there is a message, "for the REF3012 use a low-ESR capacitance of 10 μF or less". My question:

(1) Do I need use one by-pass capacitor for "VIN" or need two for both the "VIN" or "VOUT" of REF3012?

(2) For Question (1), what value(s) of the capacitor(s) is(are) recommended (0.1μF? 0.47μF? or 10 μF)?

(3) Do I need a by-pass capacitor for the "VIN-" of INA333 (which connects the REF3012 through a voltage divider)?

(4) For Question (3), if I need, what is the recommended value of the capacitor (10 μF? or 47 μF?)

(5) My circuit will have several INA333. For each of them, do I need by-pass capacitors connecting their IN+ and IN- pins? What are the capacitor values are recommended?