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Questions about setting up UCD9240 project in offline mode

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I have a board which consist of 2 UCD9240 devices.  1 UCD9240 device handle 3 rails and the other handle 4 rails.  How would I do the following when the Fusion GUI is in offline mode:

1) Add both UCD9240 to the project.

2) Set the Pmbus addresses for each of the UCD9240 devices.

I've looked through the GUI documentations, however, it's not clear how this is done.

Can someone help me with this?

Please advise,


  • Joe,
    It is intended that each device have a separate project file.  So start the GUI in offline mode (no device attached), separtely for each device.  Configure the arangement of which PWM outputs are assigned to which error amplifier (EA) inputs on the "Phase/Rail Configure tab", then set the desired voltages on the "Vout Config" tab, then go to the design page and enter the power stage circuit that each PWM output will be driving. 

    In offline mode you do not need to specify the PMBus address.

    To load the configuration defined in the two project files, connect the PMBus cable and apply power to the board with the two UCD92xx devices.  Start the GUI, it will sweep through the address space and find all the devices on the bus.  When the GUI sees that there is no configuration loaded in the devices, a dialog box will be presented giving you the option to download the project file for the device at the first address it found.  (The PMBus address is displayed at the top of the dialog box.)   At this point you have to know what resistor programmed address you assigned to which device on your board.  Enter the appropriate project you created in off-line mode and follow the prompts.  then the GUI will move on to the next device without a configuration.  

    After the devices have been configured once, when you start the GUI with the devices attached it will go straight to the configuration pages.  At this point if you want to download a project file, the GUI determines which device to configure based on the device rail that is actively displayed in the GUI.

    Note that I have sometimes found it necessary to reset the devices (power cycle) after the intial project file download.