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TPS54232: TPS54232 Design Issue

Part Number: TPS54232

Dear Sir,

One of our customer using TI's TPS54232 for main power. Input 12V, output 3.8V @ 2A. The following picture shows our customer design. 

I have used WEBENCH tool to do design. There are shows some different setting. Could you help to check the customer's design?

  • Hi

       you could try simulating the customer's design using a Pspice simulation to quickly evaluate if it will work.



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    I response this question in another thread, would like to close here. Feel free to let me know if you have other questions. Thanks.

  • Hi ,

    1. For R33/R34,  I'm good with it. Their values are based on the external start/stop value that our customers want. For the current setup, Vstart is around 10v, and UVLO hystersis voltage is around 0.7v. It is ok to use these 2 valuse resistor.

    2. C63 is used to adjust the soft start time. 0.01uF means 4ms softstart time.

    3. Please choose R51 to be approximately 10 kΩ, If the values are too high then the regulator is more susceptible to noise and voltage errors from the
    VSENSE input current are noticeable.

    4.for the inductor value, Larger value inductors will have lower ac current and result in lower output voltage ripple, while smaller inductor values will
    increase ac current and output voltage ripple. It's Ok to use a larger inductor to lower output ripple here. But need to optimize the compensation loop.

    like change R45=59k,C49=470pf,c50=6.8pf. Or you can get the value from Webench. Also you can get the phase margin and cross Freq in Webench under "system information"

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  • Dear Sir, 

    Does the TI has high temperature reliability report of TPS54232? High temperature: 85 degree.

  • Hi,

    What kind of "high temperature reliability report" do you mean ? Qualification Report or the devices Incremental Electrical Char. report ?