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UCC21732-Q1: four quadrant H-Bridge with 1.5kV part2

Part Number: UCC21732-Q1

Hello again,

i have been working on other projects the last month. But now I'm back on my h-bridge project.

I have to develope a fullbridge with it's power supply to support a signal with 1kHz, 1.5kV and 60µA. I posted a thread here in the forum in July and got some answers,  i understand the most of the points. But i still have some quenstions. The image below shows my simplified solution for the schematic. (sry for the bad resolution)

I was told to supply the gate driver with its own power supply which got a common ground. So i built a powersupply for each gate driver with two dcdc-converters in row, V1 and V2 for the driver IC1. Could this solution work? Or did i misunderstood the proposition, that i need a common ground? If it's so i think i need two 1.5kV power supplys which both have a center tap to connect these to inductor on each side. Or is this idea wrong? And on the second side i've got told that I'm not allowed to connect the IGBT like this to the powersupply otherwise i will produce a firework. So what do I've to do? I have no clue

  • Hi,

    Welcome to E2E!

    Let me look into history from your previous thread in July, and at the new information/questions.

    I will get back to you by EOD Wednesday(12/9).

    Best regards,

    Andy Robles

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your patience!

    The two power supplies implemented should work as now you will have 15V going into VDD and -5V into VEE.

    In the previous post you had your COM pin connected to the collector of the IGBT which is not how the gate driver is connected. The COM pin must be connected to the emitter of the IGBT and will be your reference point for the gate voltage. The way that the all gate drivers are connected in your image above looks good to me!

    You mention that last time you were told that you couldn't connect the IGBT how you have it because it would break the parts, but how the IGBT is connected right now is good. I believe last time they just mentioned that the drivers would get damaged because you shouldn't connect the VDD and VEE supplies of the driver to the collector/emitter of the IGBT.

    Bottom line, I don't have any concerns with the way that this is routed right now.

    I see the schematic is not quite complete as many pins of the device don't have any connections. Once you're done with the schematic with values on all components I could assist you by giving a schematic review along with a few pointers for the layout. I can also assist with a layout review once that is complete.

    If you have any further questions on this topic please continue the conversation on this thread.

    If no questions for now until you have the Schematic ready feel free to start a new thread requesting a schematic review whenever you're ready.

    Best regards,

    Andy Robles

  • Thank's a lot for your reply.

    Have nice holidays, enjoy your christmas time and good luck for 2021.

    In the new year i will return with a complete schematic and will utilize your offer.

    Best  regards

    René Bouchette