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TPSM84A22: Vout tolerance and crossover frequency missing in web bench

Part Number: TPSM84A22


I am using TPSM84A22 in my design for 1.9V at 10A. I used web-bench for the circuit design.

I have some doubts:

(1) The switching frequency is fixed at 4MHz. What is the crossover frequency? Does it vary with different Vout and Iout? The web-bench  and datasheet don't provide it. 

(2) The web-bench provides Vout (p-p) of 1.4mV while the datasheet provides Vout (ripple) = 9mV. Which value should we take? Does the web-bench take precedence over datasheet value?

(3) The Vout tolerance (NOT Vout p-p) is not provided in web-bench. In that case, should we follow the datasheet tolerance of 1%? 




  • Hi Binayak,

    1) The crossover frequency does vary with Vout. Would you be able to provide some clarification on what you would like to do with crossover frequency? If your interest is stability, then staying within the provided range of external output capacitances in the datasheet will ensure stability. 

    2)  The Vout ripple provided by the datasheet, 9mV, is a more inclusive calculation. This accounts for the parasitic inductance of the internal output capacitor. There is, however, opportunity to reduce Vout ripple below 9mV by adding external output capacitors.

    3) Yes, kindly follow the tolerance provided in the datasheet. It may be worth noting that the listed 1% tolerance only includes the tolerance of the internal voltage reference and internal adjustment resistor. This tolerance will be affected by the tolerance of the external RSET resistor.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.


    DC/DC Power Applications Engineer