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CC430F5137:RF broadcast range enhancement

Part Number: CC430F5137
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TEST2

I am using your cc430F5137 device. I have two mutual devices that communicate with rf at 868 mHz. I have shared the registers I used below.

I want to increase the broadcast distance of my devices, but I want to pay attention to battery consumption while doing this.

I want to decrease to 20 kBauds to increase the distance, but I don't know how the other values should be.

I would be very happy if you could help me.

RF_SETTINGS rfSettings = {
0x08, // FSCTRL1 Frequency synthesizer control.
0x00, // FSCTRL0 Frequency synthesizer control.
0x21, // FREQ2 Frequency control word, high byte.
0x62, // FREQ1 Frequency control word, middle byte.
0x76, // FREQ0 Frequency control word, low byte.
0x9A, // MDMCFG4 Modem configuration.
0x83, // MDMCFG3 Modem configuration.
0x93, // MDMCFG2 Modem configuration.
0x22, // MDMCFG1 Modem configuration.
0xF8, // MDMCFG0 Modem configuration.
0x00, // CHANNR Channel number.
0x34, // DEVIATN Modem deviation setting (when FSK modulation is enabled).*35
0x56, // FREND1 Front end RX configuration.
0x10, // FREND0 Front end TX configuration.
0x10, // MCSM0 Main Radio Control State Machine configuration.*10
0x16, // FOCCFG Frequency Offset Compensation Configuration.
0x6C, // BSCFG Bit synchronization Configuration.
0x43, // AGCCTRL2 AGC control.
0x40, // AGCCTRL1 AGC control.
0x91, // AGCCTRL0 AGC control.
0xE9, // FSCAL3 Frequency synthesizer calibration.
0x2A, // FSCAL2 Frequency synthesizer calibration.
0x00, // FSCAL1 Frequency synthesizer calibration.
0x1F, // FSCAL0 Frequency synthesizer calibration.
0x59, // FSTEST Frequency synthesizer calibration.
0x81, // TEST2 Various test settings.
0x35, // TEST1 Various test settings.
0x09, // TEST0 Various test settings.
0x47, // FIFOTHR RXFIFO and TXFIFO thresholds.
0x2E, // IOCFG2 GDO2 output pin configuration.
0x2E, // IOCFG0 GDO0 output pin configuration. Refer to SmartRF® Studio User Manual for detailed pseudo register explanation.
0x04, // PKTCTRL1 Packet automation control.
0x04, // PKTCTRL0 Packet automation control.*
0x00, // ADDR Device address.
0x18 // PKTLEN Packet length.

  • You can try to start with the default 38.4 kbps settings in Studio, and then reduce the data rate to 20 kBaus. Set the RX Filter Bandwidth to 60 kHz and the Deviation to 10 kHz.

    // Address Config = No address check 
    // Base Frequency = 867.999939 
    // CRC Autoflush = false 
    // CRC Enable = true 
    // Carrier Frequency = 867.999939 
    // Channel Number = 0 
    // Channel Spacing = 199.951172 
    // Data Format = Normal mode 
    // Data Rate = 19.9852 
    // Deviation = 9.521484 
    // Device Address = 0 
    // Manchester Enable = false 
    // Modulated = true 
    // Modulation Format = 2-GFSK 
    // PA Ramping = false 
    // Packet Length = 255 
    // Packet Length Mode = Variable packet length mode. Packet length configured by the first byte after sync word 
    // Preamble Count = 4 
    // RX Filter BW = 58.035714 
    // Sync Word Qualifier Mode = 30/32 sync word bits detected 
    // TX Power = 0 
    // Whitening = false 
    // PA table 
    #define PA_TABLE {0x8d,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00}
    static const registerSetting_t preferredSettings[]= 
      {CC430_IOCFG0,      0x06},
      {CC430_FIFOTHR,     0x47},
      {CC430_PKTCTRL0,    0x05},
      {CC430_FSCTRL1,     0x08},
      {CC430_FREQ2,       0x21},
      {CC430_FREQ1,       0x62},
      {CC430_FREQ0,       0x76},
      {CC430_MDMCFG4,     0xF9},
      {CC430_MDMCFG3,     0x93},
      {CC430_MDMCFG2,     0x93},
      {CC430_DEVIATN,     0x24},
      {CC430_MCSM0,       0x10},
      {CC430_FOCCFG,      0x16},
      {CC430_AGCCTRL2,    0x43},
      {CC430_WORCTRL,     0xFB},
      {CC430_FSCAL3,      0xE9},
      {CC430_FSCAL2,      0x2A},
      {CC430_FSCAL1,      0x00},
      {CC430_FSCAL0,      0x1F},
      {CC430_TEST2,       0x81},
      {CC430_TEST1,       0x35},
      {CC430_TEST0,       0x09},