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LM35: Narrower range of Nonlinearity

Part Number: LM35
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: LMT70, , TMP117


I need to compare the exact uncertainty of LM35 and LMT70.

From the datasheet, We already know the Nonlinearity of LM35CA is ±0.15℃, but this is the case just in -40℃ to +125℃. 

Tell me the Nonlinearity in narrower range like -20℃ to 60℃.

Moreover, I want to check this "the output-voltage-versus-temperture curve" that defines Non-linearity.

↑ is the note in LM35 datasheet.

If you have V-T table of LM35 like LMT70 have, it will help me. 

Please show me that.  

Best Regards, 

  • Hello,

    Thank you for posting to the Sensing forum.

    The nonlinearity of the LM35CA was characterized across the entire specified temperature range, but due to the age of the part I am not able to find additional data for a narrower temperature range. 

    Additionally, there is no LUT we can provide for this part that is similar to the one found in the LMT70 datasheet.

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  • Dear Sasajima -

    to add to Nicole's reply, the transfer function (equation) is given in the datasheet. Using the device at negative temperatures, will require you to use a load resistor and two diodes to ground (as shown in Figure 18 on page 16 of the datasheet)

    Vout = 10mV/°C x Temp, which can be rewritten to Vout/10mV/°C = Temp and put into Excel to produce: 

    TEMP Vout


    (step size)

    -55 -550.00E-3 10.0E-3
    -50 -500.00E-3 10.0E-3
    -45 -450.00E-3 10.0E-3
    -40 -400.00E-3 10.0E-3
    -35 -350.00E-3 10.0E-3
    -30 -300.00E-3 10.0E-3
    -25 -250.00E-3 10.0E-3
    -20 -200.00E-3 10.0E-3
    -15 -150.00E-3 10.0E-3
    -10 -100.00E-3 10.0E-3
    -5 -50.00E-3 10.0E-3
    0 000.00E+0 10.0E-3
    5 50.00E-3 10.0E-3
    10 100.00E-3 10.0E-3
    15 150.00E-3 10.0E-3
    20 200.00E-3 10.0E-3
    25 250.00E-3 10.0E-3
    30 300.00E-3 10.0E-3
    35 350.00E-3 10.0E-3
    40 400.00E-3 10.0E-3
    45 450.00E-3 10.0E-3
    50 500.00E-3 10.0E-3
    55 550.00E-3 10.0E-3
    60 600.00E-3 10.0E-3
    65 650.00E-3 10.0E-3
    70 700.00E-3 10.0E-3
    75 750.00E-3 10.0E-3
    80 800.00E-3 10.0E-3
    85 850.00E-3 10.0E-3
    90 900.00E-3 10.0E-3
    95 950.00E-3 10.0E-3
    100 1.00E+0 10.0E-3
    105 1.05E+0 10.0E-3
    110 1.10E+0 10.0E-3
    115 1.15E+0 10.0E-3
    120 1.20E+0 10.0E-3
    125 1.25E+0 10.0E-3
    130 1.30E+0 10.0E-3
    135 1.35E+0 10.0E-3
    140 1.40E+0 10.0E-3
    145 1.45E+0 10.0E-3
    150 1.50E+0 10.0E-3
  • Thank you for replying ;)

    I' m sad but will think about to use LMT70 or TMP117.