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IWR6843AOPEVM: Radio law certification in Europe and the USA

Part Number: IWR6843AOPEVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: IWR6843AOP

Hello support team.

Our customer plan to develop mmwave demo system. I have 2 questions 

Q1) Is IWR6843AOPEVM certified FCC/ISED ?

          I saw TI are working on the FCC certification on other thread. If it is not certified ,could you tell me when it  will be certified? 

Q2)   IWR6843AOPEVM is certified RED, TI publishes "EU Declaration of Conformity" and test reports on the web.

    Is it possible that a customer use the test report to  declare of Conformity?

Thank you

  • Hello,

    The certifications should be on the Resource Explorer Page

    Hope this helps,


  • Shareef -san,

    Thank you for answers ,I have other questions regarding FCC certification.

    Could you tell me FCC ID of IWR6843AOPEVM?

    If a customer use  IWR6843AOPEVM  for  demo at public environment in USA, are there any restrictions? 

    Can the customer use IWR6843AOPEVM with the customized firmware at public space in USA?

    Best Regards

  • Hello,

    1. None of our EVMs are FCC certified. We do not have any plans to pursue FCC certification for the EVM, we are not allowed to do this due to compliance restrictions at TI. This is an evaluation module only and is not intended for production use. We have several customers who have certified their products based on IWR6843AOP, so it is very possible to obtain certification. We have also done the FCC testing, but we have not completed the notified body certification so there is no FCC ID available.

    2. Are you intending to sell our EVM? Why would you need to declare conformity on our board?

    3. Yes, you can use the IWR6843AOPEVM in a public space. However, you cannot sell the board as it is intended for evaluation use only. 



  • Adrian san,

    Thank you for answers 

    1.Yes I understand

    2.No, the  customer are planning to make DEMO board ,it is not for selling .they would like to demonstrate EVM to their target customers  in public space. 

    3.Let me summarise.

     -In Europe the customer can declare conformity on 6843AOPEVM using test report you published on Resource Explorer Page

     -In USA,TI EVM not FCC certified .so if  a customer would like to use  EVM in public space ,they should certify EVM themselves.

      Are they correct?

    Best Regards

  • Hello Akira,

    Sorry for the delay.

    For demo use at trade shows, etc only the board does not need to be certified. 

    Our EVM is certified in EU so there should be no issue with using our EVM in Europe. However, if the customer builds their own board then our certification would not be applicable to their board. They would need to re-certify it themselves.

    Regarding FCC, since the 60-64GHz band falls within the 15.255 regulated band you would not want to use the EVM in public without licensing. I would not recommend to try to use the board in a public space. The board is only intended for evaluation purposes in lab type environments where there is no chance of interfering with licensed radars.