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TMAG5273: Threshold Value Setting

Part Number: TMAG5273

Hello, I am trying to set the threshold value and bit confused about the equation listed in the datasheet. For example for A2 variance the equation for the threshold in mT is 133(1+X_Y_RANGE)/128)*X_THR_CONFIG. Assuming we kept the default range of +/-133mT and assuming am I supposed to replace X_Y_RANGE with the absolute value in mT then the equation become (133*134/128)*X_THR_CONFIG but this translates to a very high number. I think I am misunderstanding something here and I appreciate it if you can shed more light and give an example of how to set the threshold to 5mT. Thank you.  

  • Hi Mustafa,

    Thank you for posting to the Sensing Forum!

    Regarding the given formula, (133(1 + X_Y_RANGE)/128)*X_THR_CONFIG, the value that you are supposed to substitute in for X_Y_RANGE is the bit value for what you chose for the X_Y_RANGE field in register SENSOR_CONFIG_2 shown in the image below. Additionally, X_THR_CONFIG would be substituted for the 8 bit, 2's complement binary value that gets stored in the X_THR_CONFIG register.

    For example, since you are using the default range +/-133mT, the bit value would be 0, giving you the following equation:

    (133(1 + 0)/128)*X_THR_CONFIG = (133/128)*X_THR_CONFIG

    If, for example, you were using the range +/-266mT, the bit value would be 1, giving you:

    (133(1 + 1)/128)*X_THR_CONFIG = (133(2)/128)*X_THR_CONFIG = (266/128)*X_THR_CONFIG

    So, to set a threshold to 5mT, you would need to solve for X_THR_CONFIG to get the 2's complement binary number to insert into the register:

    X_THR_CONFIG = (Threshold_in_mT * 128) / (133(1 + X_Y_RANGE))

    Once you get a value for X_THR_CONFIG, you will need to round to the nearest integer and convert it to the 2's complement binary value.