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DCA1000EVM: Parsing API:ProfileConfig parameters in logfile

Part Number: DCA1000EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MMWAVE-STUDIO, MMWAVE-DFP

I am trying to parse the logfile generated by ar1.ProfileConfig() in the Lua script to extract the commands that were actually sent to the radar when collecting data via the DCA1000EVM using MMWAVE-STUDIO. However, there are some difficult to interpret parameter values.

An example output is:

28-Nov-2022 12:55:23: API:ProfileConfig,0,1497521873,700,640,16173,0,0,276,100,463,3000,0,0,30,0,

These parameters correspond to the following inputs as used by profileCfg in the MMWAVE SDK:

  1. <profileId> = 0
  2. <startFreq> = 60.25 GHz
  3. <idleTime> = 7.00 us
  4. <adcStartTime> = 6.40 us
  5. <rampEndTime> = 161.73 us
  6. <txOutPower> = 0
  7. <txPhaseShifter> = 0
  8. <freqSlopeConstant> = 9.994 MHz/us
  9. <txStartTime> = 1.00 us
  10. <numAdcSamples> = 463
  11. <digOutSampleRate> = 3000 ksps
  12. <hpfCornerFreq1> = 0
  13. <hpfCornerFreq2> = 0
  14. <rxGain> = 30

The relationship between the two sets is obvious with the exception of two of the parameters. For some reason in the logfile a value of 1497521873 corresponds to a start frequency of 60.25 GHz and 276 corresponds to a frequency slope constant of 9.994 MHz/us.

Can you explain the relationship between the values in the logfile and the profileCfg input parameters sent to the radar?

Without this relationship I cannot determine what the radar settings are from just the logfile.