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LDC2112: RawCode and Baseline question

Part Number: LDC2112
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: LDC1612, LDC3114


Our customer has some doubts about the LDC2112 baseline tracking function.

Here is the register configuration:

ldc_ config(0x20, 0x51);
ldc_ config(0x22, 0x51);
ldc_ config(0x1E, 0x0F);
ldc_ config(0x0E, 50);
ldc_ config(0x10, 50);
ldc_ config(0x15, 7);
ldc_ config(0x16, 0xF0);

GAIN 50, NPBI 7, pause baseline tracking when out = 1

  • When I place the coil 2 mm above the measuring material, the output value is always 0/4094.
    Only when I move the coil to aim at the air, and then move it back above the material, will 2112 correctly output a value of about 700~800.
  • If the baseline tracking is set to not pause, the value of measuring material will rapidly increase or decrease from the correct value to 0/4094.
  • I use the mechanical arm to fix the measuring coil. When continuously measuring the same material at the same position, the output value will slowly increase infinitely from 700.

To sum up,

  • Is there any way to make the data no longer increase during continuous measurement?

I chose LDC2112 to measure the inductance of the material because the maximum frequency of LDC1612 is only 10MHz, and it seems that it is impossible to measure the material at a distance of 2mm.

Best regards


  • Hello Kailyn, 

    I have a couple clarification questions about your application: 

    • When the data is increasing, is the baseline tracking pause turned on? 
    • Is temperature constant during the measurement? 
    • Can you share the data increase? 
    • With baseline tracking pause off, what is the time before the measurement value reaches 0? 

    The baseline tracking of the LDC2112 is designed more around button press type applications. If you want a device that supports the higher frequency and gives raw data like the LDC1612, we have the LDC3114 available that has access to raw data and the baseline tracking algorithm. 

    Best Regards, 
    Justin Beigel