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Part Number: AWR6843AOPEVM
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Hello all, 

We ordered from this LP87524JRNFRQ1 PMIC and integrated it into our card. The necessary voltages come to the inputs of the PMIC, but we cannot get an output. What could be the reason for this?

Do we need to program PMCI? But when we plug the card into the computer, the port does not appear. When we researched, we saw that the PMCI we have can be configured in 2 different ways. Factory programmable, Software configurable. Could there be something related to this? When we receive a new PMCI from Texas Instruments, will it be sent directly as codeable? Is there any documentation about fixing our problem ? 

Best Regards, 

  • Dear Serhat - 

    Thanks for the post and welcome to E2E!

    From your description, I gather you have the AWR6843AOPEVM and you replaced the PMIC onboard with same device as is populated? Is that correct? Was there a reason to do this? If the board was working beforehand and now does not - I would recommend you check your soldering. (EVM schematics, sheet 5 has the same PMIC you mention above)

  • Hello Josh, 

    I apologize for the misunderstanding. To meet our functionality need, we designed the new board identical to the new PMIC (In fact, the PMIC we purchased is the same as the PMIC found on the awr6843aop card)  and other components of the AWR6843AOP. When we power our board, we cannot see any output voltage on the PMIC component. However, we observed that the required voltage was present on the input pins of the PMIC component. Considering our situation we thought may be PMIC is need some initialization using software. Any suggestions about fixing this problem ? Thanks in advance. 

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  • Serhat -

    I am not sure how much you copied here and that could make a difference. The EVM reference schematic shows EN1 of the PMIC (net is: PMIC_EN1) being pulled high to PMICVIO_3V3 via R34 and same for PMIC_EN2, -EN3, via R35 and R36, respectively. RST (net is: PMIC_NRST) is also pulled high with R33

    If you look at the datasheet for the PMIC you will see that if the EN lines are all high, the PMIC regulators should be on. Please check if you connected same way as EVM. 

    There is also a TRM with timing diagrams if you want to check that, too: 

    The PMIC can be configured as well via I2C, and I think there are drivers in the AWR respective SDK if you want to change something. 

  • Thank you Josh, I fixed the problem. 

    Best Regards, 

  • Dear Serhat - 

    That is great news, thanks for confirming!