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IWR6843ISK: About mmWave Radar Radome Design Guide

Part Number: IWR6843ISK


I have some questions about your Application Report "mmWave Radar Radome Design Guide" as below;

1) About relationship between surface accuracy and wavelength. 

In the case of light, if the length of the roughness of object's surface is sufficiently smaller than the wavelength, we think it is not be affected even if the surface is rough. 

In the case of radio wave, can we think the same be true of it? 

2) About radome thickness accuracy

Desirable thickness of radome is calculated using the dielectric constant of the material and wavelength of frequency used. 

Should we how much tolerance can the thickness of radome be kept within? 

Example: Calculated radome thickness ±0.05mm, etc. 

We are currently in the experimental stage. 

Please let me know any information or note about the characteristics of radiation pattern or radiated power passing through radome. 

3) About distance accuracy between antenna and radome

Just like question 2) , desirable the distance is calculated using wavelength of frequency used. 

Should we how much tolerance can the distance between antenna and radome be kept within? 

Example: Calculated distance ±0.2mm, etc.

Please advise. 

Thanks for your cooperation. 


  • Hi Shoko,

    Thanks for your query. Please allow us a couple of days to respond


  • Hi Shoko,

    Please find below the response for the questions:

    1. Relationship between surface accuracy and wavelength

    Wavelength of light is much smaller than millimeter waves. The material we use for PCB usually have roughness in the range of 4-8 microns. Radome is not as sensitive as PCB in terms of wave propagation, so surface roughness below 10 microns would be acceptable for the Radome.

    2.Radome thickness accuracy

    For Radome thickness, calculated thickness ±0.05mm is acceptable.

    3. Distance accuracy from antenna to Radome

    Calculated distance ±0.05mm is recommended however, ±0.1mm is also acceptable.


    Which material is being used for the Radome design?

    Thanks and regards,


  • Hello Swarnendu, 

    Thank you very much for your response. 

    I understand your information about radome and I'll use it as a reference. 

    Regarding the material of the radome, sorry it's confidential so I can't share it. 

    Best regards, 


  • Shoko,

    You are welcome. I understand. Please make sure that the surface roughness of the material comes below 10 micron.

    Thanks and regards