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IWR1443: IWR1443 and IWR1843 series 76-81GHz mmWave Radar for fluid sensing

Part Number: IWR1443
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: IWR1843, TIDEP-0091

We are currently looking into the IWR1443 and IWR1843 series 76-81GHz mmWave Radar ICs primarily for tank liquid level sensing and possible solids as well. In reading through some of the documentation the IRW1443 includes MCU, hardware FFT accelerator, 512K memory, with 4 receivers and 3 transmitters and is very power efficient and can be optimized to run on 4-20ma loop power. The IWR1843 includes MCU, hardware FFT accelerator, 2M memory, 4 receivers, 3 transmitters, and DSP. The power optimization of the IWR1443 is a preferred option however accuracy will be critical as well. Would you be able to provide additional information related to how the performance of the IWR1443 and IWR1843 would compare in accuracy (mm) and distance (max distance) in low dielectric fluids such as oil and higher dielectrics for given range? Level detection in foam and or foam detection? Use of Closed-loop frequency synthesis (PLL) with chirp stitching (two ramps starting at different frequencies without any additional error over a single ramp) and zoom-FFT to minimize signal to noise ratio and enhance resolution? Are there any patent restricts relative to using the TI mmWave IC’s? Certification requirements?

Do you have any recommendations for which part may provide the best overall performance for liquid measurement? Also please specify all necessary demo boards, parts, software/hardware tools, programmer, IDE, evaluation GUI, etc needed to run a fluid level sensing evaluation. 

I apologize for all the questions just looking to get a good perspective on what you have to offer. 

  • Hi Glen

    IWR1443 is going to be suitable for low power applications, do you have a power requirement? We have measured less than 20 millijoules per measurement in the TIDEP-0091.

    It will be challenging to answer most of your questions in this general of a case with absolute certainty. I can confirm that it is possible to achieve measurement distance >100m with accuracy to within 1 to 2 mm if appropriate lensing is used with minimal tank disturbance. Though given specifics of your application these should be determined during evaluation.

    Detection through foam is possible because received signal strength will vary for the two surfaces.

    Also the High Accuracy Range Measurement Lab uses the zoom-fft algorithm so that might be a starting point for your application.

    There not any patent restrictions though there may be certification requirements, although the IWR1443 should be fine for most tank level sensing applications. For more discussion on this topic please open a new thread!



  • Hi AG,

                  Thank you very much for your reply and apologize for the delay in responding have been in the final stages of completing a project. Based on your description of the range and accuracy the 1443 would allow us the opportunity power and sense from 4-20ma loop power will be beneficial. Will be purchasing the demo kit for the 1443.


    Thank so very much for your help and time,

    Glen Kalchbrenner