Document Feedback Is Lost If User Not Logged In

I clicked the "Submit Documentation Feedback" link in a tech ref which had the following link.

I was unaware that I was not logged in to myTI but the form was happy to let me type in my feedback for ten minutes then prove I wasn't a robot and click Submit. Not unsurprisingly I suppose my input was dumped and I was presented with "Access Denied". Clicking the browser's back button presented me with a blank form.

Please validate credentials before allowing feedback to be typed in or somehow save their efforts if they're not logged in.

  • OK. Problem has changed. I get Access Denied whether I'm logged in or not. This is infuriating!

    Access Denied

    You don't have permission to access "">" on this server.

    Reference #18.bc051702.1632229219.95fbd97

  • Hello Kier, 

    I understand your frustration. however, E2E is for technical/engineering design issues. 

    The Customer Support Center is in a better position to address this issue, I’ve asked them to reach out to you directly – please let me know if you don’t hear from them within the next business day – thanks,



  • Thank you for the response. I'll wait for the CSC to contact me.

  • Hi Kier -

    I'm not part of the customer response center, but the issue is happening because of our Akamai caching configuration. I asked our IT dept. to adjust this. I *think* you should be ok now, so please clear the browser cache on your end and try logging into myTI again. If you're still seeing issues please reply back here with a screen shot of the "Access Denied" screen so we can troubleshoot the problem.



  • Hi John,

    Thanks for the reply. I tried it again yesterday before I cleared the cache and it was successful. Today I cleared the browser cache just now anyway.

    All the details of the original failure are shown in the second post if you want to pursue the root cause so no need for another screenshot.

    As requested by Leonard by PM, I'll close this thread now.

    Thanks again.