Looking for Tracability

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I am looking for traceability for the following P/N:





I purchased these parts from mouser and misplaced their documentation. I was told every single TI part has a 7 digit LTC printed on the parts, but these parts only have 3 or 4 digits printed on them when I look at them under a microscope. I need to find the traceability for these parts. 

  • Hello Tara, 

    E2E is for technical/engineering issues, and your inquiry would best be handled by our Customer Service Center.  

    I’ve asked them to contact you directly – please let me know if you don’t hear from them within the next business day.



  • Hi Leonard, 

    I have spoken to 5+ people at customer service and they ended up sending me here. Do you know of a better way to contact someone who would be knowledgeable on this issue? It is time sensitive. 

  • Hello Tara,

     Since you purchased these from an authorized distributor, you will have to contact Mouser.  Similar to a customer return situation, this is documented here on the Quality FAQ page: https://www.ti.com/support-quality/additional-information/customer-returns.html which states: 

    Return situation
    Recommended action
    TI products were purchased from an authorized TI distributor. Contact the distributor that provided the products and follow their return procedure.  


      Also, there is a Part Marking Tool available: https://www.ti.com/packaging/docs/partlookup.tsp#divline .  For example, the TMP102 shows this result for marking: 


    Finally, on the anti-counterfeit FAQ page, regarding the verification process, it clearly states the purchase documentation must be provided.  Here's the link: www.ti.com/support-quality/quality-policies-procedures/anti-counterfeit.html and the statement:

    Copies or photographs of shipping documents, including the packing slip showing the origin of the devices to TI. (If you cannot provide this information, we will not be able to provide verification, due to uncertainties regarding the chain of custody of the products.)  

    I hope this helps, and that Mouser will be helpful in this endeavor.