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Update e-mail of account


There is FAQ thread how to update e2e user e-mail, and is does not work for me. I do login with my old e-mail, click my avatar in the right side of the page, click Settings and land at the page which seems right for the purpose, but e-mail field seems to be read only.

Please update FAQ on how user can update his e-mail.

Two more things I've noticed are at the bottom of that options tab of the settings page. First, under Account heading there is sigh-in name, which is my forum nickname, and which does not work for login for quite a time. Just wonder if that is remnant from the older forum software, or a mistake to be fixed. And second here as well. Just below that sign-in name there is a link named "View/Update myTI user profile" targeting to and it lands to resistance page, though XXX and YYYYY seems to match those IDs from myTI. In the same time, myTI profile was updated without problems and the link "Edit your myTI profile" in there targets to and works just fine.

I believe user details update is so routine procedure, that should be obvious and straightforward, but if not, it would be nice to have at least some guide.