Why is MSPM0 support so confusing?

The new ARM MSPM0 posts get sent to various places:

Posts for the chips go to the microcontroller ARM board, where they get lost with all the other ARM chips on the busy board.

Posts for the *LaunchPads* go to the microcontroller MSP board, which is where I think all the posts should go.

Can we clean this up a bit?

  • Hi Keith - thanks for posting this - I agree, it is not consistent or ideal - unfortunately we've got a few IT barriers that are preventing us from having all these all go the same forum at this time - that being said, I can assure you that the right TI experts are seeing the right threads regardless of what forum a thread resides in using TI-internal dashboards - Jim

  • I understand that, my questions get answered perfectly. My problem is as a volunteer answerer I have to keep track of more fora, and many of the threads on the ARM board don't interest me at all.

  • Thanks Keith, I appreciate your understanding - thank you again for the great assistance you provide to so many MSP users - have a good weekend!