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TMUX4051: When will be the SOT-23-THIN (DYY) package option be available as sample and mass production ?

Part Number: TMUX4051
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMUX1308

We are currently considering designing in TMUX4051 in favour of DG4051/HC4051. So far the TMUX4051 is the only 4051 like MUX to be (soon) offered in the very interresting tiny SOT-23-THIN (DYY) package.

The question is now, if we should wait and design in already the tiny package or waste PCB space by designing in TSSOP-16, which is also drop in compatible to CD4051, DG4051 and HC4051 or the like.

Will the SOT-23-THIN and TSSOP-16 versions released to production about the same time, or which delay is to be expected between these two packages ? When is this to be expected ?

  • Hi Mirko,

    I cannot publicly disclose the release schedule but they are likely to release serially (PW then DYY after) with the DYY sampling soon. There is an option to use a dual footprint so either PW or DYY can be used on your boards. An example of this can be seen in this EVM: 16DYYPWEVM and there is an article about it as well: Second-sourcing options for small-package amplifiers


  • Dear Tyler,

    thank you for your comments !

    Combining both footprints is good nowadays from an alternative source/part perspective, but it unfortunately consumes even more PCB space, if you consider, that some vias may be potentially pushed outside the PW footprint.

    In case of a WQFN or the like, all Vias need to be placed outside the footprint (except you use a very high tech HDI PCB with pad in via). This is a great advantage of the DYY package over the same sized WQFN, because at the same size it lacks the QFN center "thermal" pad, where a few vias can be placed.

    For my design I need to cram 18x 8:1 Muxes into a 25x30mm double sided PCB space, along with some 30 other parts. This is possible with PW packages, but potentially not possible without a HDI PCB.

    The DYY would give some extra flexibility or could help to even use smaller PCB space.

  • Hi Mirko,

    Understood, sounds like the DYY would be a good fit for the application. Depending on the voltages needing to be switched, the TMUX1308 would be another option offered in the DYY package.