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TS12A4516: Seeing an issue in production

Part Number: TS12A4516

My customer is using the TS12A4516 (DBV) in a design. I attached an image showing the implementation (internal link)

They are going to production now, but have been seeing a 2~3 issues a month - and finally think they found the cause.

They do a final operation check before shipping - and during these tests, they see a fault.

The fault seems to happen because the TS12A4516 does not properly connect the output COM to NC, and the processor looking at the NC detects the open-state. The High-Voltage supply should be turned on, and supplying power to the load, but because the switch isn't connecting COM to NC, this isn't detected.

Take a look at the image, and let me know if there are any concerns with the setup, or something specific to the device that needs to be taken into consideration.



  • Hi Darren,

    The diagram itself has one thing that sticks out to me. This is the resistor divider from the high voltage supply - is there ever a time where a transient could cause pin 1 to go above (V+) + 0.3V? 

    The reason I think this might be the cause is because a switch not connecting properly usually is a sign of damage and the issue seems to be transient - i.e. normal operation isn't causing the issue. This device doesn't have many extra protection features that will prevent damage during transients. I am not 100% sure if this is the issue as it seems the voltage divider drops the voltage down to a pretty low level - but that is the only thing that sticks out to me.

    Has the customer removed the IC and test it is working by itself? 

    Are there transients on the HI-V supply, and if so do you know what ranges they are?

    Please let me know  so I can help you get to the bottom of these failures!


    Parker Dodson

  • I have some updates from the customer, but this is classified details/information, so I will follow-up offline.



  • Hi Darren - I am going to set this thread to closed and work with you offline.


    Parker Dodson