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Moving the TI Compiler


With our other dev. tools we install/move the compiler to a revision controlled folder for a specific compiler version. We do this so as we can provide support for our products for the foreseeable future.

Today we reinstalled CCSV6 and previously (last week) were using TI V5.2.6 compiler. In the latest download of CCSV6 only V5.2.5 is available, this causes big problems for our Safety compliance / QA.

My questions:

1. How do we move the install location of the TI compiler?

2. How can we download only a specific revision of the compiler



  • Stomp,

    The compilers are pretty self contained so you can copy the folder and place it where you want.  However you then have to show CCS where it is.  You do that by going to Window -> Preferences.  Expand Code Composer Studio -> Build -> Compilers in the tree on the left.  At the top of the screen it will show you the locations where CCS is looking for compilers on your PC and at the bottom it shows you what it has found.  You would need to add the new location at the top and then click refresh and make sure that it is then listed on the bottom.

    If you have 5.2.5 installed then 5.2.6 should show up as an update.  However for compilers I find it best to go to Help -> Install New Software.   Use the drop down at the top to select the "Code Generation Tools" update site.

    You will then see a list of available compilers at the bottom.  Currently the 5.2.6 compiler is the latest ARM compiler available on the 5.2.x stream so it shows up.  But if 5.2.7 were available then it would be the one to show up.  If you still want to get 5.2.6 in that case you can uncheck the box at the bottom to "Show only the latest versions of available software:



  • Stomp!

    I am not 100% sure what you mean by "moving the install location", but you can download and install several past releases of the TI compiler using CCS's "Install new software" feature. Check section 3 of the page below:

    If you have a standalone compiler version installed anywhere in your system, you can also point to it in the project itself. Check section 4.10 of the page below:

    Hope this helps,