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C28xx: AutoRun: Target not run as breakpoint could not be set: Error enabling this function: This task cannot be accomplished with the existing AET resources.

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I like to know why I got this error message when I startup the debugger. I know I can only use 2 hardware breakpoints  but I wish I can use that many.

When I startup the debugger often I got this error message. With only the stop button active. So I have to stop the debugger, disable the breakpoint(1) and start  the debugger again. Then the debugger start properly, I enable the breakpoints and continue.

 I'm using. CCS  Version:  and Compler. 6.4.9.

Can you please tell what is wrong?


  • Hello,
    Yes, you only have 2 HW breakpoints, making debugging cumbersome for code in flash. It sounds like you have some breakpoints enabled when you start up the debugger. Since CCS can also automatically set breakpoints "under the hood", CCS may have already run out of breakpoints when it tried to apply the breakpoints you have specified. One thing to try is to disable some of these "system" breakpoints. These breakpoints include ones set at "main" (this happens if the "auto-run to label" option is enabled), the exit point breakpoint, and C I/O breakpoints. All of these options can be disabled in the debugger properties.

    Hope this helps
  • To add to my above comment, I re-read the title of your post and saw that the error is: "C28xx: AutoRun: Target not run as breakpoint could not be set: Error enabling this function".

    So the issue is with setting the auto-run breakpoint. It can't set it because it used up all the existing breakpoint resources. So it can't run to the label (main?) and that is why it just continues to run and you have to manually halt it.
  • Thanks for the reply. that I can use only 1 breakpoint is not the problem. The problem is: That I have 1 breakpoint selected and start the debugger, I got this error message.
    Then I have to stop the debugger. Deselect my 1 breakpoint, start the debugger again. Select my 1 breakpoint. and then run the code. I really like to know why I have to do this sequence of (useless) commands to got the debugger running. Why can't the debugger not deselect the breakpoints automatic?

  • What is I believe is happening:

    When the debugger:

    -you had one breakpoint already manually set and default debugger behavior is to re-enable any breakpoints set from the last session (1 breakpoint resource used)

    -the debugger automatically uses another breakpoint for either the exit point or C I/O or other (1 breakpoint resource used)

    -there are now no HW breakpoints left

    -the debugger then tries to autoset another breakpoint at (what I assume) 'main' and run to it (tries to use 1 breakpoint resource)

    -the above step fails because all two HW breakpoint resources have been used up and your get the error mentioned in the title

    The reason why it all works when you shut down the debugger and disable your breakpoint and start the debugger again is because there is one breakpoint available for the autorun step. So it will use the breakpoint to autorun to 'main' and then free up the breakpoint resource for you to use to re-enable your manual breakpoint.

    A few things to try:

    -try disabling the the debugger options in red. Don't forget to apply the changes to subsequent debug sessions by pressing the "Remember My Settings" button:

    Another thing you can do is to not have the debugger re-enable manual breakpoints set from the last session. That way, when you start a debug session, it will automatically disable your manual breakpoint so that it can run to 'main'. Then you can enable it after it is at main and all will work: