CCSTUDIO-SITARA: Are There No Resource Docs in CCS for AM57xx?

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I am using CCS ( Version: in Windows for the AM5749 target with the processor_sdk_rtos_am57xx_6_03_00_106 sdk.

It seems all of the "Software" subtitled resource packages are for targets other than AM57xx. Though C2000, CC26xx, CC32xx, MSP432x4 and Sitar AM335x, AM437x and AM1C110 seem prolific, a casual search using the filters features yields NOTHING for the AM5749 (or any AM57xx).

Is there an update or addend I need to download and install in order to see AM5749 in the Resource Explorer?

  • Hi Quinn,

    The AM57xx SDK evolution pre-dates the move towards the Resource Explorer offering from TI.

    For that reason, the AM57xx enablement will be through the SDK like the one that you referenced - processor_sdk_rtos_am57xx_6_03_00_106 or the corresponding Linux SDK and the CCS for debugging.

    Please continue to use the AM57xx in the same way.

    We are continuously adding support for more devices through the resource explorer - for example the latest of the TI device AM64x is completely out of the Resource Explorer and it will not have the SDK such as AM57xx - here is the link:

    Hopefully, that clarifies.