Errors running 'CDT Builder' on project

Hello team,

I need to make updates on some firmware that made using an older version of CCS. According to the team the project builds when running it on CCS version 5.5.0 but whenever I attempt to build the project I run into this issue. I have already added  the compiler used for the project originally but have not been able to update the XCD tools to the version used. 

If there is a workaround for this then any help would be appreciated. Thank you!



  • Hello Issac,

    the "NullPointerException" is a pretty generic error. We'd need more details to assist. Can you provide the .log file in <WORKSPACE FOLDER>/.metadata?

    Also, to confirm, you are using CCSv5.5? Is this old version necessary to build the project?



  • Hello Ki,

    I will provide the .log file through messages, but according to the team they've had issues trying to work on this project on newer versions of CCS. I have not attempted this because of a time crunch but let me know if you think it might be worth a shot.