CODECOMPOSER: TIREX insists on re-installing packages already installed

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I'm currently developing a CC3235 application.  I previously had CCS 10.2.0 and SDK 4.40 installed, then decided to update to CCS 10.3.0 and SDK 5.10.

I have CCS 10.3.0 installed and compiling fine.  I also installed SDK 5.10 in its usual location (C:\TI\simplelink_cc32xx_sdk_5_10_00_02).  I wanted to import an I2C example from SDK 5.10, so I went into TIREX to do that.  Here's the example selected:

However, when I try to import it, TIREX insists that some additional packages need to be installed... namely SDK 5.10 (already installed) and SysConfig 1.8.0 (installed as part of CCS 10.3.0).

However, CCS itself sees no issue and recognizes that SDK 5.10 and SysConfig 1.8.0 are both installed:

So... what gives?  Why is TIREX refusing to recognize the installation of SDK 5.10 and SysConfig 1.8.0?

David R.

  • So, as if to spite me after going through the trouble of making a forum post....

    I figured that I'd just import an SDK 4.40 I2C example since that should work the same for my purposes.  So I clicked the triple dot next to "SimpleLink CC32xx SDK -" and picked "Manage Versions"... and now magically it sees that v5.10 is installed.  There is now the gray circle with bar and checkmark next to the SDK under Software in TIREX.  I don't know if it's something I did, or something that TIREX did in the background.  Either way, frustrating that this didn't work out of the gate.

    David R.

  • Hi David,

    I'm sorry for the frustration. It may have been that CCS needed to be closed and restarted again, or that TIREX just was not syncing properly. I will report the issue, but I am glad it started working for you.

    Best regards,