PSPICE-FOR-TI: Program crashes every time I create a simulation profile, please help!

Part Number: PSPICE-FOR-TI

Hi! I hope you're having a good day. So the thing is that I installed PSpice for TI some days ago, and I did twice in different hard drives (originally it was located in an external hard drive, then in the Local Drive) because I'm having an error with the software. Every single time I try to create a Simulation Profile, the program crashes and a dialog box appears with the message: ''This application has quit unexpectedly. To help Cadence detect and analyze the problem, archive the current project. To submit the archived project, contact Cadence Customer Support''. So, here I am to see if you can help me. I just copied the first example from the tutorials site:

PSpice for TI Tutorials

Also, I received support and I was asked to check this error:

Link to a similar error

So I'll upload those "Capture" error folders as a zip so that you can check the errors I got (attached at the end).

I hope you can help! Thank you.