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I am currently an undergraduate student at the Democritus University of Thrace in Greece performing my dissertation thesis in the field of biomedicine. For this purpose, my colleagues and I, would like to develop a system of wearable sensors that will enable the continuous monitoring of vital biomedical parameters such as the body temperature, the blood pressure, the saturation of oxygen in blood, the hearth rhythm, as well as the electrocardiogram and eeg.(vital signs parameters).

Because I am a beginner and a complete amateur and I have not been involved in the design of such a system again, neither in terms of hardware nor in terms of software, and in addition I do not know how to design and build boards from scratch, but I still have a little time delivery of the project, I know and you can suggest me a development board produced by your company where I can connect or analog or digital sensors after I find them ??

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Sotirios Katsimentes